What are the Characteristics of High-Quality Childcare?

With so many different locations, services, prices and schedules, how do I find the highest-quality childcare for my family?

Why Does the Child-to-Adult Ratio Matter?

This ratio—referring to the number of children to a caregiver—is extremely important for your child. In addition to the legal regulations in place for safety reasons, studies have shown that children thrive in an environment with significant attention from the caregiver. The math is simple—the fewer children a caregiver has, the more personal time and attention each child gets, and therefore the stronger the bond between caregiver and child. This bond is imperative for your child’s healthy development and socialization.

What Qualifications Should Caregivers Have?

While many childcare centers require only a high school diploma to apply, the highest quality childcare services will require certifications or even a degree in early childhood education. It is also recommended to find a daycare that requires a thorough background check, fingerprinting, CPR and First Aid certifications, and so on.

Does Quality Childcare Have to be Expensive?

Nothing says that childcare has to cost an arm and a leg, but it’s important to remember that higher-paid employees of reputable childcare services are more likely to have the skills and experience to match their rates. Price is never a guarantee of quality but, combined with other factors, it can be an indicator of happier and more qualified caregivers. Beware of discounted services, as they may represent limited or lower-quality resources.


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