How Do Daycares Interact with Babies?

Finding daycare for your baby can be an extremely in-depth process, filled with its own questions and complexities; one of many being how the daycare interacts with your baby. The following is an explanation of how daycares interact with babies, and why it matters.

What Influence Does Daycare Have on My Baby?

Daycare, much like parenting, will have an extraordinary influence on your baby’s physical and cognitive development. Psychology Today cites “memory, language development, school readiness, math and reading achievement, the nature of relationships with parents and teachers, social skills, work habits, and adjustment” as the primary items influenced by daycare.[1]

This influence and its impact on your child’s development should deeply influence your choice of .

[1] “Daycare: Raising Baby.” Psychology Today. Accessed January 01, 2019.

How Does Daycare Interact with My Baby?

According to the Child Development Council, a high-quality daycare’s well-trained staff will ensure a safe, educational and age-appropriate environment for your baby. Since childcare will impact many aspects of your baby’s development, there will be an emphasis on bonding, routines and various types of play.

Small group numbers will allow caregivers to provide optimal one-on-one attention for your baby, thereby providing appropriate interaction and support for their development. A quality daycare will also ensure that the same caregiver is consistently caring for your baby, to enhance trust and bonding between the caregiver, baby and family. This minimizes the necessity for adjustment to a new caregiver or routine and will better support healthy development for your child.[1]

[1] “10 Components of Infant and Toddler Care.” Child Development Council. Accessed January 01, 2019.

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