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Top Daycare Centers was started with a simple mission - To help parents like us find the safest, most reliable and trusted daycare and child care centers and services near your area.

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Child Care Articles & Resources

7 Steps to Change a Diaper in a Child Care Setting

By On June 24, 2020

One of the most important tasks to handle when you’re performing child care is the changing of diapers. Failing to change a baby promptly can lead to a nasty rash and bad… Read More

Parenting Tips

The pros and cons of Childcare

By On May 26, 2020

The thought of outside childcare leaves some parents feeling guilty, but it does not have to be a negative experience. Sometimes, child care outside of the home can be very good for… Read More

Child Care Articles & Resources

How often should diaper be changed at Daycare

By On April 29, 2020

A newborn baby can be quite a bit of work. If you’ve just added a bundle of joy to your family, you’ll need to make sure that someone is available for your… Read More

Parenting Tips

Things to Do with Kids During Coronavirus Quarantine and Social Distancing

By On April 27, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has continued for almost a month, and experts are still uncertain about how long the crisis will last. Some experts believe that the pandemic will end before summer break,… Read More

Child Care Articles & Resources

COVID 19 – Tips for Teachers and Childcare Providers

By On April 22, 2020

Depending on your state, you may not have a choice about whether your children can go to childcare programs or not. In some parts of the country, daycares and schools are closed… Read More

Parenting Tips

The Coronavirus Effect: How “COVID-19 will effect physiologically on child minds

By On April 20, 2020

Currently, most people in the U.S. are under stay-at-home orders as well as quarantines, which is due to the presence of the COVID 19 virus. As a parent, you’ve likely already experienced… Read More

Parenting Tips

What Effect Does Day Care Have on a Child’s Success in Grade School?

By On March 5, 2020

In order to provide for their families, many parents must go to work while leaving their children in someone else’s care. This is often a difficult decision, and parents worry whether placing… Read More

Parenting Tips

How to budget for the child care

By On February 27, 2020

From houses to cars to a cup of coffee, the cost of basic living has risen exponentially in the past few decades. The high price of quality childcare is one area where… Read More

Parenting Tips

Tax Form 2441: Filing Child and Dependent Care Expenses

By On January 29, 2020

Many people rely on dependent care services to take care of their children or other loved ones while they are at work. If you have a child or other dependent for whom… Read More

Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit
Child Care Articles & Resources

Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit – How to Qualify and How much it is

By On January 23, 2020

Raising children is increasingly expensive, and one of the more significant costs that many families struggle with is childcare expenses. In fact, some families pay more for their children’s care services than… Read More

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