How Much is Daycare for an Infant in Los Angeles?

According to research by Business Insider, the annual average for infant childcare in Los Angeles is $14,309 in a childcare or $9,186 in family care. The most affordable options tend to be family care and daycare , while au pairs and nannies are more expensive.

How Do I Know What’s Right for Me?

Services like and allow you to search for childcare options by location and price. The top-rated Los Angeles childcare sites also allow you to filter by rating, services offered and time-frame for care. The Los Angeles Department of Public Social Services, Los Angeles Childcare Alliance and California Department of Social Services offer information about available services and financial aid. By making use of tax incentives, financial aid, childcare budget calculators and childcare-finder services, families can make the most fiscally prudent decisions possible.

Factors Impacting Cost of Infant Childcare

The cost of childcare is impacted by employment rates, operating costs and average income. The higher the cost of living and the higher average salaries, the more expensive local childcare will be. Parents can save money by opting for family care centers based out of the home, as opposed to traditional childcare centers or nannies. Options like Flexible Spending Accounts, the Child and Dependent Tax Credit, au pair and employee benefit programs potentially make childcare more accessible, as well.


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