Things to Do with Kids During Coronavirus Quarantine and Social Distancing

The coronavirus pandemic has continued for almost a month, and experts are still uncertain about how long the crisis will last. Some experts believe that the pandemic will end before summer break, but research shows that the crisis could continue well into the summer. In a worst-case scenario, it is even possible that efforts to reopen schools in the near term could fail in ways that force school closures that continue into 2021. As a result, parents must develop plans to keep their kids active and healthy as they remain indoors until the coronavirus is fully contained.

Continue Your Child’s Education

There are some school districts that have already implemented online classes to empower kids to continue their studies from home. In many cases, however, schools have simply closed without providing children with the opportunity to continue their intellectual development.

Allowing children to remain out of school for over six months can be severely detrimental to their educational advancement because they will have to relearn much of what they already know upon returning to their studies. Consequently, it is crucial for parents to provide their children with materials to continue learning in a structured environment while staying at home.

Experts recommend that parents get kids to read educational materials at home. If your children lack discipline, you could try to have them watch educational YouTube videos that are highly engaging.

Parents who lack enough time to teach their kids on their own could also consider online courses. There are hundreds of websites that offer free courses that are suitable for young children. Courses are best for students who are in high school, but fast learners and highly disciplined kids could also benefit from taking a few classes online.

Show Your Children New Possibilities

The daily routine of going to school and coming home can make kids forget about the vast range of opportunities that are available in the world. There are 50 states in the U.S, and the world has 195 countries. Very few people venture out to see the world simply because they are not aware of the exciting opportunities that are available.

Therefore, you can help your children to live more fulfilling lives in the future by taking advantage of modern technology to show your children new countries, foods, and ways of life. If you need to keep your kids busy, you can have them make a “passport” showing what they have learned about new cities and countries around the world. You can even make exploring the world fun by cooking recipes from other countries with your kids while at home.

The quarantine is also a great opportunity to plant the seeds of greatness into the minds of your children by inspiring them with a clear picture of what they can achieve in their future lives. Videos showing the lifestyle of successful people or the incredible work of highly specialized people could inspire your children to work hard to attain similar success.

Inform Your Kids About the Coronavirus

Children of all ages may fear what the future could hold because of the coronavirus pandemic. The media is creating panic to keep people glued to their televisions, and children who see alarming information that the media is showing will often get the impression that an apocalypse is right around the corner. As a result, some children are afraid of dying while other children are afraid of what they would do if their parents died.

It is crucial to keep your children grounded during these challenging times. Public health authorities have managed to contain the virus with the help of social distancing efforts, and children have been proven to be almost immune to the virus.

You should tell your children the truth about the coronavirus by using age-appropriate language. Young toddlers should simply be reassured that their parents are going to make everything okay. Older kids can be given facts that show how the pandemic is under control and how their strong immune systems will keep them protected.

Remember to Have Fun

The coronavirus quarantine can easily make people of all ages feel depressed. For the sake of your own mental health, you should try to do activities with your kids that are fun for everyone. Try to introduce your children to what you liked to do as a child and attempt to find the fun that your kids see in the activities that they enjoy.

Simple activities like board games can go a long way toward turning a gloomy day under lockdown into a time that can be remembered. After all, the pandemic will end at some point, and you will be left with the memories of how you spent this unique period. Use the quarantine as an opportunity to grow closer to your children in ways that all members of your family can remember for the rest of their lives.


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