Top 10 parenting trend for 2017

Motherhood and fatherhood are always difficult. There is no manual that comes with a new baby and yet, parents do their best to keep their child happy. Parents make every effort to do what is right for their child while keeping up with current trends. For 2017, some of the trends are fun and will not only help you care for your child but will help your child develop into a well-rounded person.

It’s all in the name

Robert, Edward, Thomas, Emma, Margaret, and Elizabeth. All these names have something in common, they are all classics. Rather than going with the newest name, more parents are turning to classic names. In fact, classic names for babies are up a whopping 78 percent.

Interactive play and development

Virtual reality toys, playtime with your children, finger puppets, yes! Finger puppets are making a comeback. We all have busy schedules but carving out time from your day to play with your child can have long-term benefits. Most of us cannot seem to find enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done but your child will reap the benefits of the time you spend playing with them.

Learning is fun and entertaining

You can help your child learn by offering story prompts – take a set of random items and put them in a box or bag. Have your child take an item from the bag and tell you a story about it. “Out of the mouths of babes” is the phrase that will probably come to mind as you work on this project.

The gift of language

You a probably aware that more jobs are encouraging employees to be bilingual. This is a growing trend and should only continue as the years go by. Spanish is the second most-common language in the United States so teaching your child Spanish is not only fun it helps them communicate in a changing world.

Magic and whimsy

If we are honest we can all use a bit of fun in our lives. Work with your child to create a fairy garden and not only are you helping them learn about science and spending valuable time with them you are teaching them that learning can sometimes be fun.

New snacks resemble old-time treats

One of the most fascinating trends of 2017 is homemade popsicles. Rather than treating your child to the store-bought version you can make a naturally sweetened treat that is more cost-effective and better for them right at home.

Current nursery themes

The most fascinating quote about nursery themes was “Cozy, woodland-themed nurseries are huge right now (up 97%), featuring tree wall decals and wood accents.” There is everything to love about this type of theme, not only is it gender-neutral but think about how much your child will love going to bed (which is never bad).

Every year, there are new trends in parenting and while some of these trends may come and go, parents will always do what is best for their children. Today’s focus is on learning from playtime and one-on-one time with parents.


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