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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Should I advertise my Daycare with Top Daycare Centers?
    Top Daycare Centers is the most planned daycare listing resource sites on the internet, with an intension to offer features and services that promote your vision and goals. An abundant resource of information, connecting parents to daycare providers, and providers to parents, building a lifelong relationship between customers walking through your doors.
  • What is included with my Top Daycare Centers listings?
    Top Daycare Centers listing includes a name, address, phone number, headline, description, photos, videos, parent reviews and an interactive map.
  • Do you screen childcare providers?
    Top Daycare Centers do not screen childcare providers. Any childcare provider can create listing on Top Daycare Centers.   All However, we strongly recommend parents to screen their prospective childcare providers. Parents should always ask for references from their prospective providers, do a background check, and ensure that the services that are advertised are the services their child will get. 
  • Is it free to search for daycare providers or childcare services?
    Top Daycare Center’s goal is to provide a free and useful service to parents in order to help them find a provider that correlates their and their child’s needs. So Top Daycare Center is absolutely free!  If you like the service we provide, mention it to your friends and colleagues!
  • Why am I asked for my zip code?
    Top Daycare Center wants you to enter a zip code during a search, for refined search results meeting your needs and is in your vicinity. The search results of the zip code (all 5 digits) entered will be in ascending order.
  • I found an interesting listing. How can I contact its owner?
    Top Daycare Centers listing includes a name, address, and phone number and/or their email address at the top of their listing.