How Much is Infant Daycare in Texas?

Child care is a major expense that couples must consider when starting a family that is often underestimated. It is one of those lingering tasks that often gets put to the back burner to focus on more exciting things like picking a name and planning a gender reveal party. However, the US Department of Health and Human Services considers 7 of household income as affordable . Yet, many find that their infant childcare costs easily exceed this number.

Texas daycare is some of the costliest in the nation coming in at an average of $9,102 per year per infant at licensed . Infant daycare consumes a significant portion of parents’ infant daycare budget, often accounting for 10-20% of household income. And opting for a more personalized level of care with a nanny typically costs between $500-700 per week for infant daycare.

Factors that Influence Infant Daycare Prices

The cost of infant daycare is influenced by many factors including:

Families in cities will often pay more than families in rural communities. Likewise, the type of facilities and amenities will also factor into the price of infant daycare. Parents may choose to go with a Texas Daycare or may opt to go with a nanny or au pair.

Other Options for Working Parents

In general, the cost of infant daycare will cost more than care for older children. Infant childcare requires more hands-on care, requiring more staff at Texas daycare . Infant daycare must be factored into the budget of any new family. If infant daycare fees are unaffordable, Texas does have assistance programs available. Also, parents may want to consider alternatives to traditional infant childcare such as having a family member provide care, engaging in remote work or participating in a nanny share.

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