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Child Care Articles & Resources

Child Care Articles & Resources

Halloween Activities for Child Care Providers

By On October 25, 2019

Halloween is the most exciting holiday for some children. It is filled with candy, games, exciting decorations and an invigorating sense of suspense. If you are a daycare owner or childcare provider,… Read More

Child Care Articles & Resources

Missouri’s new child care law “Nathan’s Law”

By On September 11, 2019

On July 11, 2019, Nathan’s Law became a reality when Missouri Governor Make Parson signed House Bill # 397. The purpose of the law was to provide additional child protection by limiting… Read More

Child Care Articles & Resources

Your Daycare’s Sick Policy: What You Need to Know

By On August 28, 2019

Daycare provides essential services for parents. However, when a child is sick, the daycare may not be the best place for the child. In fact, most daycare centers monitor the health of… Read More

Daycare germs
Child Care Articles & Resources

How Can Daycare Facilities Prevent Illnesses?

By On August 26, 2019

Daycare serves a critical role for most families. However, the risk of having so many children in one place is not insignificant. Illness can spread rapidly among children, babies, and toddlers in… Read More

Child Care Articles & Resources

Tips for Daycare Staff and Parents for Toddlers Who Bite

By On August 21, 2019

Biting is one of the most common causes of injury in a daycare setting. When you get the call that your child has been biting children in daycare, you may feel worried… Read More

Child Care Articles & Resources

How to Develop a Child Care Philosophy

By On June 5, 2019

Starting a child care organization from scratch is less about the logistics and bureaucracy it takes, and more about the philosophy and values that will serve as its principles. Child upbringing and… Read More

Choosing a Childcare
Child Care Articles & Resources

How Long Does It Take to Get a Childcare License?

By On March 25, 2019

Making the decision to go back to work is not an easy one. You want your child to be well cared for and in the hands of a capable caretaker. Therefore, when… Read More

Child Care Articles & Resources

What Do You Need to Work at a Daycare?

By On March 22, 2019

Educational and training requirements are determined by the state and the position. More and more emphasis is being put on the level of education rather than the amount of experience. However, a… Read More

Child Care Articles & Resources

How Much do Daycares Make Per Year?

By On March 20, 2019

The easy answer is taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Which not only charts the expected demand for as growing faster than average but also puts the median annual wage… Read More

Child Care Articles & Resources

How Much Money Can You Make with a Home Daycare?

By On March 18, 2019

On average in-home daycares charge $200/week per child. So, the amount you make can be calculated by multiplying by the number of children you are caring for. Which is regulated by the… Read More

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